Razer Blade Stealth 2019 – Is this Razer Gaming laptop ?

Razer Blade Stealth 2019 and this is clearly not a Gaming laptop: I’ve always been a fan of Razors Stealth Laptop. It’s their thin and light, which is not a gaming laptop.It’s kind of like their ultrabook line and it’s a device that every year they kind of tweak it a little bit and they’ve always had a product that looked good, performed pretty well and I was also reasonably priced.Razer Blade Stealth 2019 is the 2019 model and this is the first year that I feel like Razer made a mistake with this product, because the price point is wrong.Now let me explain the hardware is good, the device is built really well. It has this design aesthetic that’s similar to the 15 Inch Razor blade from this year.Razer Stealth 2019It’s got this boxier cleaner aesthetic to it, I like the shape of it, the logo the triple headed snake does not light up this year. They call it a two-tone finish but it’s basically a matte finish on the surface of the laptop with a polished snake logo.I think it’s a more mature looking device I feel like some people really hated that green light up logo and this just looks a lot cleaner.Ports on this device are a little bit different this year. There is 2 USB ports of type A & type B, so instead of the HDMI port.They’ve replaced it with a second USB-C. If you do need an HDMI you can get an adaptor or whatever there’s also a single headphone jack on the left.


After opening up this device we have view of the wonderful new screen, so this is a device that’s rocking some very thin bezels.They’re 4.9 millimeters the top bezel isn’t as thin as the sides, but it has the windows hello camera up top which isn’t great in terms of image quality.But it gets the job done it comes in either a 1080p or a 4k option the one.I have is a 4k panel but I got to be honest I’ve always found that on 13-inch devices 4k panels were a little bit unnecessary, because the difference in resolution is not that easy to spot.I like a regular laptop viewing distance but the 4k panel does look quite nice, it’s color accurate, it’s bright and looks very good panel.

Razer Blade Stealth 2019 Keyboard and Speakers

Razer Stealth 2019There are two on each side speakers, they sound good they sound better than the previous Generation like these speakers.If I had to rank them I’d give these like a 8/10 they’re not as good as like MacBook Pro speakers or MacBook Air speakers, but they’re definitely better than the previous generation the keyboard also feels quite similar to last year’s model as well I don’t like the new layout though.

Keyboard of Razer Blade Stealth 2019

It has keyboard on the hole though is a nice keyboard trackpad this doesn’t feel that different from last year’s model either, it’s still winners precision still a glass surface. It’s bigger but the experience is pretty similar to last year’s model.Razer blade Stealth 2019 has a good trackpad now the lighting on the keyboard is a little bit different this year they’re running a single color RGB.You can’t do individually customized keys but depending on what you want and if your keyboard that may or may not make you sad.The keys on the top actually have lighting on them, so the previous generation you couldn’t see the function controls on each of the function keys. But those light up as well now which is nice, now the advantage of having a single color across the whole layout is power consumption.

Battery Life of Razer blade Stealth 2019

The battery life on this device is good, I got a little bit over 6 hours with the screen at 250 nits and this is with the 4k panel, it’s not a huge battery it’s been bumped up to 53 watt hours.But it’s more energy efficient system, so you get slightly better battery life this year then last year.The AC adapter is still small 65 watts, so if you want to charge it on a plane you’re good to go.The RAM is soldered on the drive is replaceable and it’s running a pair of fans this year which actually get louder than expect, for an ultrabook the temperatures are good but the fans do run loud.

Performance for Gaming on Razer blade Stealth 2019

I want to spend some time talking about performance on this laptop, so you can equip this thing with an MX 150 from Nvidia.This is a GPU that comes in two variants they have a weaker 10 watt version that is on some laptops and they have a stronger more powerful 25 watt version which they have in this particular laptop.Same with some other laptops out there the 25 watt version is not that much better than the 10 watt version. It’s better it’s noticeable but it’s not like a huge difference the thing is razor is kind of like marketing this thing.As if it were a gaming laptop, I don’t think they ever call it a gaming laptop per say. Its gaming capable, it can run games but it’s not a great GPU.Razer blade Stealth 2019 significantly weaker than even a laptop GTX 1050, no matter how you spin. Razer Blade Stealth 2019 is not a Gaming Laptop and also not good for video editing the MX 150 is better than nothing rate it’s got some CUDA cores in it.But editing and rendering are still very underwhelming on this machine even with that 25 watt MX 150 games.Just don’t run very smoothly at 1080p you got to drop it down to like 720p to be able to play at 60 frames per second for a lot of games which honestly isn’t that big of a deal,But the problem is this thing costs $1600 to get a configuration with the MX 150 and quite frankly.That’s the device that’s most interesting right to have that kind of GPU power in something this small that’s why people are eyeballing this thing.If someone who is considering spending $1600 on a device that has a GP unit like this that’s not super powerful chances are you are a gaming enthusiast you may not be super hardcore. But you’re gonna be someone that enjoys playing games you want to have a decent gaming experience.If you’re gonna spend $1600 on this why not take that money and spend it on a device that is significantly better at playing games like there are devices out there like the GS 65 from MSI or the ARO 15Or even Razer zone entry level of razor blade those are devices I’m pointing over there because they’re over here I’ll pull em in these are devices that bring a significantly better gaming experience.

Razer Blade Stealth 2019 is not a Gaming Laptop 

Than the thing that they’re squashing there’s just so much better it makes no sense that this thing costs $1600 now I get it there are some people that just don’t want a 15 inch device because these are bigger they’re thicker they’re heavier.I get it some people want something smaller, so get something else that’s small with an MX 150.There are a lot of devices some of them start like $900 bucks going up to $1200 dollars that have MX 150 s in them.Now some of them will be running 10 watt chips and some of you need 25 watt chips.But they’re just so much cheaper than the new Razer Blade Stealth 2019 and I know some people gonna read this article and they’ll be like who cares,Why you talk about value like this doesn’t matter it’s a razer product take my money, but the thing is I have supported razors pricing on their Razor Blade Stealth ever since they launched this product.Like it’s always been a little bit more expensive than other competitors in the market.But I always felt like it was worth that extra value like you’re getting the razor experience they’re well-made products they look good but this year.I feel like they just they push that envelope of what they think they can charge a little too far. So if you’re someone that’s on the market for something that looks just like this like you want that 13 inch device and you have a huge budget.I mean this is one of very few devices that fits that ticket, but for most people I just I don’t think it’s a good fit you should either get something that’s equivalently priced that’s way better at gaming or something that’s a lot cheaper and provides very similar performance.



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