MacBook Air 2018 New [Detailed Review]

Today i gonna be talking about the New MacBook Air 2018 Detailed Review the original MacBook Air from like ,08 / 09 was a device that I think really shaped the industry.

It was the first thin and light computer out there that had a good keyboard good trackpad and was like a good overall experience in a really portable package. I really think it just redefined what laptops could and should do and when this thing came out the old one when it came on, I remember it was a time period where people would asking you know what computer should I get just family friends and even though.

I didn’t like Mac OS at the time I would say that there’s a computer out there called the MacBook Air, that if you’re not dead set on Windows I highly recommend this device.

Because for a lot of people once you get used to Mac OS you will really like the computer overall and I’d sent a lot of family and friends down that road.

I kind of regret it because a lot of them ended up getting stuck in the Apple ecosystem it was probably my fault, but it was a really good device.

It was so easy to recommend fast forward nine ten years later the new MacBook Air 2018 now this is a device that is quite different from the old and has the same name and I think a lot of people had this preconceived notion that it should once again be this entry-level base model MacBook that should be relatively affordable and it kind of isn’t at $1200.

Price & Features

I’m just going to talk about the hardware real quick it is a great laptop it’s expensive but the build quality is excellent.

it’s on par with any of the new MacBooks from the last couple of years and you wouldn’t be able to tell that, it’s actually made from recycled aluminum,

it’s got touch ID controlled by the T2 chip on the inside it has two three ports and on that note, if you’re trying to decide between the 12-inch MacBook and the 13-inch MacBook Air I highly recommend the MacBook Air over the 12 inch,

Just because of that extra port the single port on the 12-inch MacBook.

I keep pointing over there because I’m using it to record the audio but the single port on that machine is limiting for a lot of people so if you can,

my vote goes to the MacBook Air 2018 the performance on it is really good it’s actually better than I thought would be,

so this is running AY processor and normally why processors run without fans and stuff like that turns out they are running a fan on the MacBook Air 2018 and the presence of that fan changes,

what this processor can do so normally on a wipe you can only run boost clock for a little bit of time gets hot drops back down because of this fan you’re able to maintain that boost clock and because it has a fan it is audible when you push it hard enough.


But it performs quite well and the storage is also fast the screen is finally Retina it’s nice and sharp but it’s dimmer than I expected it would be from a MacBook and maybe we’ve been spoiled with a lot of really bright screens from MacBooks.

But even the 12-inch MacBook has a brighter screen than the MacBook Air which is a little bit strange the colors are good

it’s just that the brightness is not as bright as I was hoping it to be the keyboard is as expected it’s got butterfly switches and it really is a keyboard that.

Keyboard & Trackpad

if you were forced to use like if you were not allowed to use any other keyboard and you were forced to use the Apple butterfly switch keyboard, I think most people will get used to it and learn to like it’s just that initial learning curve can be steep for some people that are coming from completely different types of keyboards.

The trackpad is also great use this for such and I’d consider Apple to be the leaders in the whole laptop industry when it comes to track pads and stuff like that.


The speakers are also quite impressive I’ve kind of grown to expect really good speakers from Apple products and this does not disappoint.


Battery life also strong is expected it’s running A Y processor so nothing too demanding I’m able to get 8 and a half hours screen at 215.

so this is kind of like in the middle of the pack when it comes to industry for thin and light ultrabooks

it’s not super long if you’re expecting like a crazy long battery life you’re not gonna get that.

I think the high-resolution screen uses a lot more powder than you would expect but a solid full day battery on the MacBook Air 2018 now so far, the product seems very good right I mean there’s nothing.


I really have to complain about it except for the price and this is where I want to spend the majority of this Article readers this is a $1200 device and there’s nothing inherently wrong with a $1200 laptop.

Lots of different companies sell $1200 laptops but it’s the fact that this is the cheapest laptop that Apple sells that you can get into the Apple ecosystem at least the modern laptop.

They still sell this ancient relic of a device which they shouldn’t anymore, but if you want a current Apple MacBook this is the cheapest one and that is a problem because on the market right now in 2018 times are different it’s no longer 2008 or 2009.

There are so many companies out there they’re making really good thin and light laptops that have great keyboards great trackpads, great screens, every single one on this table is 13-inch Zenbook from Asus with the light-up number pad

The Razor Blade Stealth, the XPS 13 the Surface laptop – the surface pro for people who want to one capabilities, there are a lot of really good options in the market right now in 2018.

That this device the MacBook Air 2018 is no longer this magical device that I can just openly recommend to people now.

Here’s the thing the reason why they can sell this device the reason why they can make a $1200 entry model laptop is that right now in this day and age.

There are so many people who actively seek mac OS as their primary choice there’s so many people that love mac OS

I’m one of them who prefers Mac OS over windows.

so they were gonna sell this easily it doesn’t matter if competitors have better hardware or if they’re priced better.

it almost doesn’t even matter that the MacBook Air 2018 is not a particularly good value what does matter is that. It has Mac OS and I think for a lot of people that’s what they’re looking for that’s all they’re looking for now.

Final Words

if you’re in the market for any kind of Ultrabook and operating system is not like a thing that you really care about, I would not recommend the MacBook Air you can get any one of these other Windows laptops and you’re guaranteed to have better value for your money.

But if you’re looking for Mac OS or if you prefer Mac OS this is it this is the one that you have to get because Apple force this product on to us.

It’s a great product it’s expensive but it’s a great product it’s just unfortunate that it’s the only one we can pick from at this point, i hope you guys read this article and able to understand should we buy Macbook Air 2018 or not. please write comment below.



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