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4 ways to make better Instagram photos

Instagram is one of the Greatest platforms for building your brand and getting attention in social media right now. Infect I would argue that it’s actually easier to get started an Instagram.

So today I’m going to tell you 4 ways to make better Instagram photos and this is something that most of you are gonna be able to do even if you don’t have fancy camera gear. In this article I gonna helping you to create something awesome 4 ways to make better Instagram photos .

I want to talk to you about how you can use these 4 amazing tips to get instantly better at your Instagram photography that you can look good and you can market yourself or even your business or your clients.

Instagram is primarily a visual platform and while you can use it for online video the majority of people initially start out with photography when it comes to their Instagram. Now you don’t necessarily need a big hulking camera like this

This is actually a relatively small camera, but it has a ridiculously large lens on because I’m shooting with a 50 millimeter F 1 point 4 and this in my opinion is one of the best portrait lenses you can have it’s a good all-around err.

But you can actually do Instagram with just your smartphone when you’re getting started and so these tips will apply to you whether you have great camera gear or a decent phone.

  1. Shoot with the editing in mind

Ultimately whenever you decide to post things to Instagram you’re probably going to be doing some editing you’re either gonna be using something like Lightroom mobile or snap C or just one

of the editing settings and filters and instagrams, you should kind of shoot with that in mind personally if I’m using a camera I like to shoot in a flat profile.

That I can edit it and get all of that data and get a great image that is colored the way I wanted to look but if you’re using the camera and you like the color science in your camera like you’re shooting on Canon then that’s fine you can just go ahead take those JPEGs send them over to your smartphone put them up in Instagram.

  1. Cropping the Image

It is really important know how you’re going to crop the crop can make or break a photo and Instagram and so you should definitely consider shooting loose. which means that if I want to crop in to that Instagram Square then I’ve got a lot to work with here and ultimately that’s something you want to do you want to actually kind of look at the world from this square perspective here and you want to take advantage of what you can do in Instagram with that Square so by doing that I want to shoot loose I want shoes wide as possible and get all of that so that when I bring it in Instagram I have options creatively.

I can change a little bit of the angle and straighten it out or I can zoom in and get it really intense you know really capture what somebody’s eyeballs look like I mean those kind of details and paying attention to composition. It’s actually really important it’s great in general to use the rule of thirds in photography.

  1. Shooting with Mirror less DSLR Camera

If you are shooting with a mirrorless or DSLR camera consider using a prime lens. I love using prime lenses because it forces me to be creative forces me to physically move back and forth prime lenses means that it’s a fixed focal length if I want to get a tighter image I can’t zoom in.

I have to physically get closer I want a wider image I have to back away so I like not using a zoom lens because it forces me to be creative not to mention.

When you invest in a very powerful prime lens like this 50 millimeter at one point for from Sigma this F 1.4 gets taxed sharp images and it’s great for portraits.

I recommend looking at something like this fill of 50 millimeter or even an 85 millimeter or a 135 these are usually really great lenses for headshots and models and consider a macro lens. I use the 50 millimeter F 2.8 macro lens from Sony.

When I’m using one of these cameras like this or my Sony A7R 3 and that really helps me to get these amazing looking shots for product photography or food photography with me I’m not doing photography so much for a living that I’m making passive income by setting up my own stock photos and I use it to take these shots to market myself and when I’m you know out at events and Spieth engagement with friends.

I can take great headshots of them when they’re onstage and then they can use that and you know having them owe me one is always helpful so just kind of think about these things think about what you can do to get the best shot and be creative and sometimes a little bit of gear can go a long way if I was gonna throw a thousand dollars at a lens.

I probably look at something like this 50 millimeter or an 85 millimeter yes there are cheaper lenses but quality is where it’s at.

If you want the best shot speaking of macro lenses I’m gonna make that

  1. Shot with Macro Lenses

I think everyone should have a macro lens and a lot of it has to do with product photography and the fact that you can make a lot of money on stock photos like that but also if you’re the type of Instagram creator that is focusing on things like food or you’re building something in terms of a brand and has more to do with certain aesthetic so let’s say you’re selling jewelry for your business then you want to have something can do great product photography and a macro lens is gonna get the job done.

So just again have the right tool if anything I would say number four is not even have a macro lens it’s just have the right tool for the best shot so that’s tip number four tip number five make color part of the story.

Either in how you’re setting up the shot or in the way that you choose to edit it color really makes things stand out and against the aesthetic of a person’s Instagram feed that color should really just jump at them and help them get engaged with the story you’re trying to tell so just use color creatively in the way you’re doing your shots.

I think it’ll make a real difference for you and you can also build a lot of your own visual style by prioritizing certain colors.


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